Raptor Ambassadors

American Kestrel
Falco sparverius


Deneb is a female American Kestrel who came to HWI from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (WRCNU) in 2022. She was hatched in 2021, and spent her first year of life at the rehab. Deneb is a human imprint. While we don’t know exactly how she first came into human care, we believe that she was probably found as a young fledgling by someone who wanted to help her. Unfortunately, the people that found Deneb likely fed her and kept her too long. Because Deneb learned to look to humans as a source of food, she never learned how to hunt and relies on humans to feed her. By the time the people who found Deneb brought her to WRCNU, she was already deeply imprinted on humans and, therefore, non-releasable. 

A Fun Fact about Deneb

Deneb LOVEs taking baths and getting misted. 

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Thanks to your support, Deneb can reach over 10,000 people each with a message of conservation. But all that education works up quite the appetite. Want to help Deneb reach her goals?

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