Raptor Ambassadors

Falco columbarius


Jack is an adult male Merlin who was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center with an injured right wing. We are unsure how his injury occurred, but it was significant enough that it did not heal correctly. While he can still move very quickly, Jack is no longer able to sustain flight. Without the full ability to sustain accurate flight, Jack would not be able to survive in the wild and he was deemed non-releasable. HawkWatch International received a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take care of him and use him as one of our Education Ambassadors in February 2018. Since he already had his adult plumage, we are uncertain of his exact age. Jack was given his name based on the word “jack” long being used as a term to refer to any male of the common classe.

A Fun Fact about Jack

Jack is the messiest eater. When we travel, we have to cover the entire floor of the room he’s in to keep the mouse fur and quail feathers under control. 

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Thanks to your support, Jack can reach over 10,000 people each with a message of conservation. But all that education works up quite the appetite. Want to help Jack reach hisr goals?

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