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Great Horned Owl
Bubo virginianus


Kotori is a male Great Horned Owl who was found on the ground as a nestling. He was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator by someone who thought he was injured or had been abandoned by his parents. However, he had no injuries. The rehabilitator wanted to release Kotori back into the wild when he was old enough, but after Kotori’s first few weeks in rehabilitation, he developed an eye infection. Treatment required him to have a lot of human interaction, making Kotori what is known as a “human imprint.” Since Kotori spent too much of his critical imprinting window with humans, he never learned the skills needed to survive as a wild owl. He does not think he is human! Kotori joined the HawkWatch International team in 2010 through a permit authorized by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He was misnamed for a Native American word we thought meant “owl spirit.” It does not, and we are sorry.

A Fun Fact about Kotori

When Kotori is thirsty, he will ask for a drink by biting the mister bottles we use to keep the birds cool.

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Thanks to your support, Kotori can reach over 10,000 people each with a message of conservation. But all that education works up quite the appetite. Want to help Kotori reach his goals?

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