Field Biologist

Cody Allen


Cody received his B.S. in Wildlife & Fisheries Management in his home state at the University of Tennessee. After undergrad, he began his career in ornithology working with passerines. Cody studied warblers across the east and spent a couple of winters in Colombia analyzing their wintering ecology. Cody was first introduced to the raptor world when he visited Big Bald Banding Station in the Appalachian Mountains. Ever since, he has been hooked on birds of prey! Following this visit, he took roles surveying Northern Goshawks and owls in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and Bald Eagles in the Sonoran Desert. His favorite job, however, has been spending his falls as a Migration Crewmember with HawkWatch International. He has served as a crewmember and crew lead with HWI, counting and banding raptors at the Commissary Ridge, WY site since 2018.

In his new role as Field Biologist, Cody will be assisting in our Golden Eagle programs. He will predominantly be leading our Golden Eagle Winter Feeding program, trapping Golden Eagles, resighting color-banded birds, and monitoring their nesting attempts. When Cody is not working with one of North America‚Äôs largest bird of prey, you can find him pursuing his passion for photography, spending time on the water, and hanging out with his friends and family. 

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