Laura Cleveland


Laura‚Äôs interest in the sciences and conservation began in adulthood, after spending a summer observing the birds in her backyard. She graduated from the University of Montana Western with. B.S. in Biology, and immediately began working as a field technician on an avian study in Arizona. Several summers later she found her calling as an interpretive guide and husbandry assistant at the Alaska SeaLife Center, where she cultivated both her love of birds and her passion for informal science education. 

After two years in Alaska, Laura (along with her feline co-pilot, Puffin) moved 3,000 miles to Salt Lake City to work as an outreach educator, first at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and then at Thanksgiving Point. She is so excited to be joining the HawkWatch International team, and hopes to help make science and nature more accessible to everyone, especially those with cognitive and learning disabilities. 

At HWI, Laura helps with our outreach programs and caring for our Ambassador Raptors. She is also in charge of our Park Programs and scheduling our education volunteers.

In her free time, Laura enjoys photography, horseback riding, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her cats Puffin and Pinguino. 

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