Renata Vazquez


Renata Vazquez graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Northern Arizona University in May 2017. She continued in the conservation field as a Naturalist for the University of Georgia Costa Rica campus, which fostered her passion for animals and the importance of sharing their ecological significance with the public. She went on to become a field technician for the Ecological Restoration Institute, where she collected data on fire-treated forests across Northern Arizona. Since then, she worked as a school programs educator for the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and most recently, she was the Girls in STEM Ambassador for Thanksgiving Point Institute and presented on the role of museums in fostering inclusion and a sense of science identity in youth at the Utah Museum Association Conference. 

She joined HawkWatch in November 2021 and is excited to continue her journey in science education. 

Renata likes to spend her free time with friends, being outdoors, reading, watching movies, and cooking. Most importantly she loves cuddling with her gray cat Taquito and his best mate Corduroy.

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