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Our formal education programs are designed for use in public and charter school classrooms but can also be adapted to summer camps and after-school programs. All presentations are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Utah Science with Engineering Education Standards (SEEd) and use the Three-Dimensional approach to teaching science.

K-3 Reading with Raptors

In this cross-disciplinary program, educators read a picture book that features the species of raptor attending the program. After the story, learners discuss how the raptor was represented in the book, including deciding which depictions are real and which are imaginary. Learners then meet a live raptor and learn about its unique features and role in an ecosystem.

4-6 Raptor Adaptations

In this program, learners discover the three “sharps” shared by all raptors: sharp talons, sharp bills, and sharp eyesight. Learners then compare the sharps in two different species of live raptors to see how they are similar and where they are different. This program can be adjusted by grade level to focus on adaptations, evolution, genetics, and inheritance.

7-12 Raptor Ecology

As part of a HawkWatch International education program, older learners engage with real-world data collected by HWI scientists in the course of their work monitoring and studying wild raptors. In this program, learners utilize science practices such as interpreting and analyzing data, gathering information, and making arguments from evidence to explore a raptor-related phenomenon. Potential topics include population dynamics, models of energy and matter in ecosystems, the impacts of invasive species, the design and execution of scientific studies, and more. HWI has supplementary lesson plans and materials for secondary teachers available by request. 

All Programs Include

  • Minimum of 45-minute presentation
  • A live Raptor Ambassador
  • Trained, knowledgeable educators
  • Opportunities to take photos/selfies
  • Protective coverings for floors and cleanup

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